Elective Affinities

The dialogue between the materials in Deanna Comellini’s signature rug collections

“The soul of each project is the nature of its materials.” – Deanna Comellini

For founder and art director of G.T.DESIGN Deanna Comellini, materials are the soul of the functional and semiological research of her collections of contemporary design rugs. For this reason, G.T.DESIGN has always been experimenting with precious and cutting-edge materials for new ways of processing and designing textile fibers.

Here is a series of impeccable combinations of materials and unique atmospheres that features some of G.T.DESIGN’s signature rugs, as the iconic MeatPacking Patchwork, the elegant Stairs Lino and the sophisticated and welcoming Luoghi.

Le Materie Sottile rug


The wool texture of MeatPacking Patchwork, obtained by reusing vintage rugs, is emphasized by the transparency of a crystal surface in a dialogue in which the materials enhance each other.

MeatPacking Patchwork rug


The elegance of the shapes and colors of Stairs Lino and the natural brilliance of the fibers are the perfect combination of the organic materials in this prestigious home, designed by one of the Italian architecture masters of the 1930s.

Tappeto Stairs Lino
Stairs Lino – model D rug


The Luoghi collection realized in pure hand-painted wool, expertly accommodates the LC4 Chaise Longue, creating a space of comfort and personal gratification.

Luoghi rug

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