Native by G.T.DESIGN


Organic Shape in Rug Design

G.T.DESIGN’s Native is a series of rugs with unique and fluid shapes breaking boundaries in contemporary rug design. G.T.DESIGN Creative Director Deanna Comellini sets free from the traditional rectangular shape of the loom and gets inspired by organic forms found in the natural world to create a new rug silhouette that brings a sense of warmth and humanity to the home.

The Native format, the result of 40 years of experience and intense research on techniques, materials, and innovative shapes, debuted at the 2018 edition of the Fuorisalone in Milan, Italy, with the UltraNative collection. The original Native rug shape, a hybrid between an amorphous circle and a deformed rectangle, was explicitly designed for this collection that epitomizes the desire to experiment with the evocative power of shape and original, archaic, and primordial patterns.

In the following years, the Native format has been offered in selected existing collections, including Seta il Re and Next, and new lines such as Moving Forest and Cobblestone. The exclusive rugs create an harmonious atmosphere and a unique architectural perspective to space, opening new possibilities in interior design projects.


Inspired by geometries that are open to interpretation, UltraNative is a series of rugs with undefined boundaries that generated the original Native format. Deanna Comellini superposes geometric shapes to archaic and primordial patterns creating cutting-edge and eclectic rug designs with an artistic approach. The pieces in this collection, featuring eidetic figures and brush strokes-like accents of color, are true works of art and are guaranteed to become the centerpiece of any environment.


The latest addition in the Native category, the Cobblestone collection features a brick-like design, inspired by the paving typically found in Italian piazzas; the blocks of color are separated by delicate grooves created in the rug’s body. This special process lends chromatic depth to the carpet, produced in Tencel, one of the most eco-compatible fibers currently available on the market.

The collection extends Deanna Comellini’s research in innovative rug design, choosing the Native format to softens the sharp edges of the rug’s contrasting geometric pattern, and attaining the seamless and delicate balance yearned for in product design. In this collection, two new Native formats tightly connected to each other were added. The original Native format (Cobblestone A) evolves extending on the sides, creating a hybrid of an oval and a rectangular shape (Cobblestone-B), and then extends further, resulting in a rounded rectangle (Cobblestone-C).

Moving Forest

With the Moving Forest collection, Deanna Comellini shifts her attention to the optical and chromatic magic of the plant world. The rug collection exemplifies the open flow of nature, while its patterns printed on a wool fiber backdrop speak of ecologies and the charm of nature. The abstract striped design of Moving Forest 1, the rug in blue and green hues offered in the Native format, recalls the tree trunks supporting the greenery of the forest and brings us closer to the natural world.