Contemporary Rugs designed for Outdoor Spaces

Entertaining outdoors is the new norm. Inviting few friends to the backyard, the terrace, or the home garden, provides a safe way to socialize when all guests are appropriately distanced. Living areas are extending to the outdoors with stylish yet resistant furniture.

G.T.DESIGN offers several outdoor contemporary rug design solutions, for both covered and uncovered areas. Made in high performing yarns, and natural coconut or jute fibers, these luxurious yet functional rugs will add a chic touch to any outdoor space.

Passo Doppio

Passo Doppio is a hand woven rug in high performing technical yarn with a chromatic and tactile felt cylinder intervals that has been inserted between the weaves.

The succession of the two materials interacts, defines the steps, and outlines the surrounding space. A resistant rug suitable for covered outdoor areas, Passo Doppio is available in silver (Argento) and graphite (Grafite) tones with a bright color palette for the wool felt cylinders. An earthy Sabbia tone has been newly added along with yellow and orange felt cylinder colors, providing a refined yet modern color combination.

Passo Doppio is also available in large dimensions, up to the maximum loom width of 3,5 meters and unlimited length. The position and the number of the felt cylinders are custom-made and defined at the designer’s discretion.


Sophisticated yet extraordinarily practical, Paglietta is possibly the perfect modern rug. It combines the age-old jute fiber and a glossy high-performance exclusive yarn by G.T.DESIGN, making it highly resistant and suitable for interiors and sheltered outdoor spaces. These hand-woven yarns produce irregular unique curls on the surface of the carpet. The unevenness of the hand-weaving combined with the technical thread makes an exceptional rug delightful to touch and rich with chromatic nuances.

The hand-weaving allows custom production of the rugs to the client’s requests: starting from standard widths of 200/250 cm, Paglietta can be custom-made in the desired length.

Paglietta Ocra, with a backdrop in a rust shade and hand-woven gray and metallic details, is the latest addition to the collection.

A new generation yarn was selected for this rug; it has been developed to resist wear and tear, fading in sunlight, damage by atmospheric agents and bacterial contamination. The yarn has been woven on traditional looms to achieve a product with properties only possible with skilled handcrafting: firmness, solidity, elasticity, optimal versatility.

This rug is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and also in wellness facilities; it is delightful to touch and is an aesthetic feast for the eyes.
The new yarn has increased resistance to wear and tear and the asymmetric textural grooves in the weave resemble the naturally irregular bark of a tree.

Coconutrug I Glassati

Coconutrug, a G.T.DESIGN exclusive trademark brand since 1988, is a collection of handmade rugs in top-quality coconut fiber with a unique tactile sensitivity and a new functional approach.

Thanks to G.T.DESIGN’s focus on research and experimentation, Coconutrug was the first rug made in coconut fiber available in a selection of solid rich colors made with natural dyes. The charming unevenness of hand-weaving is combined with some clever technical ‘tweaking’ for an exceptional texture.

I Glassati, the new finish coated Coconutrug collection, is made with impermeable resins, improving the texture and the aesthetic of the rug that can be used in covered and uncovered outdoor areas. The latest exciting evolution of the product is the new modular system of panels that can be attached together with a bright orange Velcro strip on the length side.