Deanna Comellini’s vision of the rug as a “home”

Deanna Comellini – designer and G.T.DESIGN’s art director – has joined the Design Re-Generation collective at the Fuorisalone promoted by Interni at the Università Statale in Milan with the ‘Unità Abitativa‘ installation.

The annual core event of Milan’s Design Week gave tribute to Deanna Comellini’s artistic contribution that goes beyond product design.

 Luoghi rug prototype

In Unità Abitativa (Living Unit), located in the arched portico at the university’s Cortile d’Onore, Deanna Comellini explores the concepts of living and displacement.

Looking at textile design as one of the most ancient technologies known to give shelter to humans, the designer imagines the rug as an object turned into a ‘Housing Unit’, a place of comfort, re-generation and rootedness.

In a fast-paced and conflicted world, the rug becomes once again a connection between man and earth, a foundation on which to build a home.

The installation showcases Luoghi, G.T.DESIGN’s lightweight wool rug collection.

Three statuesque figures wear the rugs as embracing and protective custom-made ‘outfits’ that become a symbol of modern nomadism. As a result of Deanna Comellini‘s pioneering research in materials and rug design techniques, Luoghi is made following the principles of high craftsmanship and an artistic approach to product design.

The rug is hand-painted on both sides and features a modular system of hand-stitched sections that can be combined to make one-of-a-kind pieces.

In the installation’s background, the abstract and reflective Kama Campi di Gravità rugs act as emotional gravity centers for our sensory needs.