Very Peri Color


Pantone Color of 2022 shines in G.T.DESIGN’s Rugs


Campi di Gravità

Pantone has announced the color of the year 2022, Very Peri, a vibrant periwinkle-blue hue with a violet-red undertone. According to the Pantone Color Institute, the newly invented color displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages creativity and imaginative expression.

In architecture, periwinkle blue and violet shades have long been used in installations and commercial spaces to instill a calm and positive vibe. A bold yet serene color, Very Peri will surely bring energy and comfort in any interior environment.

G.T.DESIGN’s collections feature a selection of violet-blue rugs as part of Creative Director Deanna Comellini’s color experimentation with natural and high-performing dyes, creating exceptional pieces.

Explore some of the collection’s highlights featuring the color of the year!

Kama Campi di Gravità Viola Astratto


Campi di Gravità, a G.T.DESIGN limited rug series, is the result of Deanna Comellini’s exploration of the evocative power of color and material. Focusing on our emotional links to primary colors, the designer plays with their contrasts in her abstract designs.

Campi di Gravità Viola Astratto features fiery red hues running like hot lava through the rug’s violet and brown soil-like backdrop. Made in a luxurious and wild hand-woven viscose, Campi di Gravità takes center stage in any space with a unique brilliance, softness, and color depth. The designer signs the unique and precious art-like pieces of this stunning collection.

Next 30


The Next collection features cutting-edge digital printing technology applied to the most exquisite pieces from G.T.DESIGN’s rug collections. The rugs are produced in a polyamide technical yarn, certified by international norms in contract sectors and public amenities.

Next 30 is an elegant round rug featuring a gradation of brilliant blue-purple shading into gray inspired by In Canto Acquerello rug’s motif. Next is a collection that lends itself to customization and is the perfect accessory at the service of architects and interior designers.

MeatPacking Patchwork Viola Chiaro


A round rug with light bluish-purple shades and a vintage feel, MeatPacking Patchwork Viola Chiaro is part of a collection of delightful limited editions rugs resulting from the research into the expressive power of color and tactile textures.

These one-of-a-kind wool and cotton carpets are produced using fragments of 30-50 years old rugs; they have been stripped of color, dyed, and reassembled with stitching that respects the different design components. The bands of color depict motifs, styles, and eras that are distant yet familiar. Thanks to the well-balanced composition of the rug designs, the space appears to be geometrically reorganized and expanded around them.

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