Coconutrug, Vegetable Fibers Rugs for the Outdoors


G.T.DESIGN’s adventure in the field of natural outdoor rugs dates back to 1989 when the brand introduced the trademark Coconutrug collection, a revolutionary product in contemporary rug design.

Most outdoor rugs in the design industry are still made in synthetic yarns despite an increasing concern for the environment. While some of these technical fibers are recyclable and produced with low emissions, using 100% vegetable and biodegradable materials is still preferred in terms of sustainability and circular economy.

Used for hundreds of years to craft nautical ropes and ordinary utensils, coconut fiber, also known as “coir”, embodies all these qualities and much more. This vegetable fiber is obtained from the coconut mesocarp, a fruit that grows spontaneously in many tropical countries, without the need of irrigation or pesticides. Just like synthetic fibers, it is highly durable, hard-wearing, non-inflammable, and resistant to fungi and mold. In addition, it offers perfect heat insulation and is anti-static and non-toxic.

Coconutrug Original’s colors

The original series of handwoven design rugs in coconut fiber designed by Deanna Comellini for G.T.DESIGN featured a selection of rich solid colors, a first in the industry. The charming unevenness of hand-weaving combined with clever technical ‘tweaking’ added exceptional beauty to the practicality of a versatile collection, suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Coconutrug Original

Coconutrug Original remains one of the most popular G.T.DESIGN collections and symbolizes the company’s complex idea of sustainability. Through the brand’s focus on research and experimentation, guided by Founder and Creative Director Deanna Comellini, two more versions were added to the Coconutrug family.

Coconutrug Naturale
Coconutrug Naturale and cotton

Coconutrug I Glassati

Coconutrug I Glassati characterized by a finish coat in impermeable resins to improve the rug’s texture and aesthetic and an expanded color palette. The high-performing collection can be used in covered and uncovered outdoor areas, rain or sunshine (the material will expand and go back to its normal shape when dry), and is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and wellness centers.

Coconutrug I Glassati

Coconutrug Terra Fresca

Coconutrug Terra Fresca features a luminous yarn in neutral shades made in coconut fiber and polyester. This blend amplifies the performance of the materials and adds softness and brilliance to the weaving. The polyester is treated to be resistant to light and weaved in with very resistant coconut rope.

Coconutrug Terra Fresca
Coconutrug Terra Fresca

Coconutrug collections are a natural and vegan alternative to synthetic outdoor rugs. They are exceptional when used on the floor of heavy pedestrian zones, in homes with pets, or in holiday accommodation, whether by the seaside or in the mountains.

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