The Rug Horoscope: Find the Right Rug for Your Zodiac Sign  


G.T.DESIGN matches a rug design for each astrological sign. 



Courageous and energetic Aries love action. They meet new challenges head-on and can guide others with their contagious optimism. Their ambitious nature makes them competitive go-getters at work. Aries are also passionate lovers, but their flames might get extinguished quickly. The desire for constant movement can get them impatient yet resilient in any situation.

Kama Rosso Vivo, a breakthrough rug with a luxurious wild and untamed weave in a vibrant red, is a perfect match for this fiery sign. Kama captures the light and allows it to bounce through the yarn, just like the energy driving the tireless Aries.

A thin and velvety Boom Grigio Ocra rug, made in warm wool and smooth bamboo fibers in ochre and neutral hues, could instead appease Aries restless temperament. 


Kama Rosso Vivo


Taurus is an earth sign, standing for a practical and determined approach to life. Taurus are very reliable and trustworthy, and protective of their loved ones. With patience and perseverance, they are likely to conquer great success in their career. A peaceful and grounded presence, Taurus can suddenly become irascible when they reach their limit. They enjoy all pleasures of life, such as art, culture, and food in particular. They enjoy luxury and home comforts and love surrounding themselves with beauty.

Esthetics and practicality are two essential qualities for Taurus, who might enjoy Coconutrug I Glassati Sempreverde, a collection of handmade rugs in top-quality coconut fiber with a unique tactile sensitivity and a new functional approach. In its latest version, the modern rug has a finish coat made with impermeable resins that improve the stunning texture and make it fit for indoor and outdoor areas.

Alternatively, the flexible and resistant Textures Tweed rug, made in New Zealand pure virgin wool, has a classic weave with narrow lines that unfolds with a rhythmic pattern, mirroring the Taurus’ constancy. 

Textures Tweed Titanio


Geminis have a versatile and lively personality. Curious and highly intelligent, they are fast on their feet and can absorb and retain information. Geminis are great communicators and make friends easily. As the eternal adolescents of the Zodiac, they are insatiably curious and adapt quickly to new situations. In love, they look for a partner that gives them space and freedom.

Gemini would be drawn to the shimmering weave of In Canto Acquerello rug in a Bronze Ecru tone. The magnetic and soft rug is handmade in high-quality bamboo viscose in grading grays and blues, a color that captures the impalpable nature of their air element.

In Touch 36, a blue-grey rug made in eco-friendly Tencel has similar smooth and iridescent qualities. 

In-Canto Bronzo-Ecru


Like other water signs, Cancerians are emotional and highly intuitive. Known for their fierce loyalty to their loved ones, they are reliable, generous, and affectionate. They are charming and faithful in their relationships but will expect the same from their other half.

The Cancer sign is ruled by the moon, a connection that strongly influences their mood, which could be volatile and makes them enigmatic and hard to read. Their home is their perfect retreat, where they love to surround themselves with family and let their guards down.

The thick welcoming weave of Le Materie Sottile will bring elegance and comfort to sensible Cancer’s home. Extraordinary soft yet highly resistant, this chic rug gives warmth and coziness to any space.

The luxurious Kama rug is another option, particularly in the Sabbia Lunare shade, that evokes the brilliance of Cancer’s beloved ruling planet, the moon.

Le Materie Sottile Larice


Lovable and confident, Leos have big ideas and big hearts. Self-confident natural leaders, they won’t shy away from the spotlight and share their optimism and enthusiasm with the people around them. Strong and courageous, they carry their life with determination with a winning attitude. Leos are passionate, loyal to their partners, and incredibly generous, but they love to be at the center of attention.

Seta il Re Blu Royal, a rug made in majestic blue silk, known as the pure gold in the textile world, fits the needs of Leos, who enjoy splurging in luxury and comfort. The sophisticated silk yarn of this sumptuous rug features a pure wool background in earthy tones.

In-Touch 34, an incomparably soft rug softness that offers a unique tactile experience in a sunny orange shade, would be another hard to resist pleasure for Leos.  

Seta Il Re Blu Royal


Rational and perfectionists, Virgos will carry on any task in an organized and effective way. Their acute intelligence, sense of duty, and hard work will help them reach successful careers. Reliable to colleagues and faithful to partners, Virgos build strong relationships in their personal lives and are always ready to give a helping hand. They carry themselves with a natural elegance and have a high sense of style, yet are modest and understated.

What rug would fit better in the perfectly organized home of a Virgo? The esthetically well-balanced Passo Doppio Sabbia is a hand-woven rug made with a high-performing technical yarn. Offered in neutral colors, it features felt green cylinder intervals inserted between the weaves. The succession of the two materials interacts, defining the steps and outlining the surrounding space.

An additional pick would be the elegant In-Touch 11, visually pleasing in elegant jade green tones, Virgo’s gem and color. 

Passo Doppio Sabbia felt 40


Smart and charming Libras love balance and harmony in their world. They strive for fairness and justice and can be idealistic, trying to create the perfect balance in every aspect of their life. They thrive socially thanks to their ability to listen and understand others and their diplomatic skills. While they look for long-term solid relationships, some could be keen on infidelity. Born with the taste for more refined things in life, they take good care of their appearance and surround themselves with beautiful things.

They love statement pieces in their perfectly curated home, such as Cobblestone, the stunning rug collection with a fluid format between a circle and a square. It is inspired by the paving typically found in Italian piazzas replicated with blocks of different hues in the rug, including blues, beige, and pink, libra’s signature color.

In Canto Cipria, a light and sophisticated rug with a shimmering pale pink weave is a light and sophisticated option when choosing a solid color. 

tappeto Native
Cobblestone Native Shape B


Scorpio is known as one of the most passionate and strong signs in the Zodiac. Persistent, intense, and relentless, Scorpios know what they want and go for it. They will likely succeed thanks to their magnetic charm and strategic minds. True forces of nature, Scorpio are independent but can be fiercely loyal and protective to their loved ones. However, beware! If you betray them, their sting will be unforgiving. Enigmatic Scorpios have many layers to their personality and are not always easy to figure out.

Their perfect rug match is Fluid Fango, a hand-tufted rug design made in a nylon and wool blend in a deep gray color, featuring custom-made inlay designs. The elegant and sophisticated rug showcases relief patterns that reflect the different levels of Scorpio’s nature.

Their complexity can also be paired to Ultranative 5, a pure wool rug with undefined boundaries and an intricate design of geometric shapes in dark tones with red and whites strokes of color. 

Fluid Fango


Life-loving, optimistic and adventurous Sagittarius can’t be contained. They care about their freedom and don’t like to be told what to do. They say if you love them, set them free, and that is certainly the case for the Zodiac’s archer; although if you capture them, know that you have gained an honest and loyal companion. They are outdoorsy and try to spend time in nature, play sports, and travel. Passionate and dynamic, they are fun to have around and party but are also deep thinkers, drown to the mental and intellectual realm.

What better than the light and easy to carry Luoghi Mix 1 for the globe trotter Sagittarius. Entirely painted by hand on both sides, the hand-stitched wool rug in a warm blues gradation combines elegance and function wherever they are.

A similar style is Meatpacking Argento, a limited-edition rug with faded vintage designs in a glittering gray tone. 

MeatPacking Patchwork Argento


You can always rely on a Capricorn. Practical, independent, and ambitious, they are hard-working individuals that will not give up and get the job done with a rigorous discipline. Down-to-earth and realistic, they prefer to make things better for themselves in the real world than daydreaming. They make fair use of their time and energy, and while they are not inclined to cheesy romance, they are generous and loving friends and companions once you get them to open up. They love being at home and like to work and make a warm and inviting environment.

They are likely to pick a resistant and understated rug such as Coconutrug Terra Fresca, made in high-quality coconut fiber that will protect the floor and embellish the environment with its natural hues.

Another practical choice is Paglietta Ocra, the perfect modern rug with a weave that combines age-old jute fiber and a glossy high-performance yarn, with a backdrop in a rust shade under hand-woven gray and metallic details. 

Coconutrug Terra Fresca


Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which is the planet of invention and innovation. Idealist and open-minded, they are determined to change the world with their high intellect, ingenuity, and analytical nature. Smart and independent, they live by their own rules and are not subject to others’ influence; it’s hard to persuade them when they make up their mind. They give their best when they are granted complete freedom and autonomy, at work and in love. Aquarius can’t be bothered with small and petty things; they are drawn to more significant issues. They have a strong interest in technology, environmental issues, the cosmos, and outer space.

They might be captivated by rug designs that evoke the imperceptible blues of the sky, such as the ultra-soft In-Touch 46, made in eco-friendly Tencel fiber.

A second option is Volare, a rug design featuring the repetition of indigo blue ancestral signs hand-dyed on a natural wool backdrop, which creates a three-dimensional visual experience. 

In-Touch col. 46


Everyone loves having a Pisces as a friend, an empathic ad altruistic sign that will listen to others with compassion and no judgment. Pisces, driven by their emotions, are highly romantic and passionate and surround themselves with gentle souls that make them feel safe. Their symbol represents two fishes facing opposite directions reflecting their duality. On the one hand, they are driven, active, and love being busy; on the other, they are attracted to introspection and spirituality. Art-loving Pisces are also blessed with great creativity and imagination.

Ultranative 3, a rug in a unique format lying somewhere between a circle and a rectangle, featuring indefinite geometries designs and primordial patterns, reflects the sign’s dual and fluid nature. The wool carpet’s paint-like strokes of blue will resonate with the water sign. 

A more understated choice is the bright white Stairs Calce Bianca rug, made in bamboo and linen fibers with a bas relief design that alternates light and shadows. 

UltraNative 3